Your Story

John’s story

When John lost his wife after 50 years of marriage, he wanted to remain living at home. His son’s concerns were for his father’s security while living alone.

So he contacted Senior Security and we came to John’s home where we met with John and his son. We carried out a full assessment of his environment and discussed the best options that would help John to feel secure and to ensure his son had peace of mind. We installed an Intruder Alarm and Security Lighting in his front and back gardens.

John continues to live at home independently and in a secure and a safe environment. He also has the use of a Medi Alarm which gives him 24 hour, 7 days a week contact with our Monitoring Station

Mary’s Experience

Mary leads an active life with her husband. As he is a member of many local groups, Mary can be on her own a few evenings every week. She recently became a victim to a bogus caller where they took some money from her. 
Feeling vulnerable in the evenings now, we installed a Digital Door Viewer for Mary. When the door bell rings, all Mary has to do is press the button on the screen of the Digital Door Viewer. She has a live picture of who is outside her door and it automatically takes 3 pictures of the caller.

She can choose whether or not to answer the door and can show the photographs to her husband or local Gardai if she is concerned.

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