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Seniors today want to stay at home and live independently. Unfortunately in the world we live in, we have to take measures to protect our property and ourselves. With break-ins and the threat of bogus callers on the increase, family members worry about their parents living alone and the security in their homes.

There are many security products on the market that can help you to feel safe in your home. These products include Intruder Alarms, Security Lighting, Digital Door Viewers, Medi Alarms & C.C.T.V. Our many years experience in the Security Sector will help you make the rights choices for your safety. In the About Us Section, we explain Senior Security’s unique 6 Step Approach, which guarantees the peace of mind and security of our customers.

We have made a short video explaining who Senior Security are and the unique and personal service we provide. We hope you enjoy the video and feel free to contact us on 021 436 4219 for a free security consultation.

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